Layers & Tools

What data are collected?
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Below are specialty maps, novel applications and third-party tools that include Navigator data.

Hope Spots Map

Hope Spots are special areas of the ocean, as identified by Dr. Sylvia Earle and her team at Mission Blue for needing protection. These areas are highlighted in purple. Compare them to Navigator's detailed information for over 20,000 saltwater and coastal managed areas worldwide.

High Seas Map

This map provides detailed information on different types of high seas managed areas, including treaty areas, regulated management and protected areas, and unregulated areas in need of protection.

ArcGIS Online Maps, Viewer App & Data Services

View other thematic maps built using Navigator. Create your own maps with custom data filters or by layering in additional data such as habitat or biodiversity. Combine Navigator data with your own projects via Web Features Services, particularly if you are an ESRI ArcGIS user.

SeaSketch EEZ Protection Coverage Estimator

Navigator can be used to calculate the proportion of a country's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) by Level of Fishing Protection (LFP). When a user draws or uploads new areas, Seasketch automatically shows how new proposed areas would impact the percentage of EEZ protected and consequently, a country's progress towards protection targets such as 30x30.