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ProtectedSeas Partners with Deckee to Get Navigator Maps to Boaters

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Conservation Challenge

The regulatory seascape is difficult to understand, with many overlapping areas, creating unique challenges for compliance and enforcement. There are no fences, signs, or other visible landmarks to identify protected areas or describe their rules.

Our Solution

ProtectedSeas Navigator — the first resource to globally document restrictions in protected areas in electronic maps —  freely shares this data widely across multiple channels to ensure ocean users have transparent access to ocean regulations.


ProtectedSeas partnered with the Australian boating app Deckee to make our Navigator information freely available to all boaters. The new partnership between Deckee and ProtectedSeas links together the most comprehensive database of marine conservation measures with an app that enables boaters, researchers, and enthusiasts to easily access important regulatory and safety information in the areas they are utilizing.

In the Deckee app, regulations with respect to a boater’s real time position are never more than a few taps away. Over 75,000 boaters a day now have direct access to local marine protected area (MPA) regulations through the Deckee app, and boaters can also use the Navigator interactive map from any phone, tablet, or computer to explore local MPAs and applicable rules.


With Navigator’s data integration with Deckee, ProtectedSeas is helping to ensure that ocean users have the best available information to comply with protected area rules while they are on the water. With this information on hand, everyone can more easily act more knowledgeably, enhancing environmental conservation for future generations.

ProtectedSeas Partners with Deckee to Get Navigator Maps to Boaters

The free DECKEE app is a swiss army knife for boaters, packed with the tools, alerts, and information required to ensure a successful day on the water.

Visit Deckee to explore marine protection rules on the water